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Miyazakigu Page
Miyazakigu Page

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Miyazakigyu is cattle that is born in Miyazaki prefecture, raised by Miyazaki producers.

Wagyu Olympic is held once every five years. It is Japan’s national competitive exhibition of Wagyu. In 2012, the 10th Olympics was held, and the winner was Miyazakigyu from Miyazaki Prefecture. Most astonishingly, it has won the championship for the second time straight(2007, 2012). Besides, Miyazakigyu won Prime Minister Award in the national competition for the best meat quality and condition three times in a row (2007, 2012, and 2017). In major sumo tournaments, it is custom to present the champion sumo wrestler with a cattle of this champion Miyazakigyu.
We process high-quality grade A4 and A5 raw meat imported from Miyazakigyu producer (Miyachiku Co., Ltd.) at our Singapore meat factory which is a professionally controlled hygienic environment to ensure our products are 100% safe for our local customers. Our selling price of Miyazakigyu is the most AFFORDABLE in Singapore, which is UNBEATABLE.

The characteristics of Miyazakigyu are:

• Outstanding meat quality nominated "Japan's Number One Beef" in "Wagyu Olympics".
• Only meat graded 4 and above by the Japan Meat Grading Association can be called Miyazakigyu.
• Great marbling, evenly distributed of fats, and tender texture.




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