Ajibuta Pork

Ajibuta is LWD (Sangenton) pork. A white Large pig (female) mated with a Landrace pig (male) is used as a sow or mother pig. And, a Duroc pig (male) mates with the sow to let piglets of Ajibuta. 

The feed for Ajibuta is jointly developed with a feed manufacturer in Japan. As a result of examining the combination of various simple feeds, it was found that fermented feed produced from milo, barley, cassava, and shochu lees from a local sake brewery was used as the main raw material, without using any common animal feed such as fishmeal. As a result, Ajibuta’s producer has succeeded in producing pork that is soft and has sweetness in its refreshing umami, and that suppresses the porky odour that
consumers shy away from.

The equivalent amount of glutamic acid, which is the flavour component of Ajibuta, is 32 mg per 100 grams (26 mg of general pork), with a drip loss of 0.5% (1.1% of general pork) and 42% of oleic acid (37% of general pork). Ajibuta is lighter in colour than general pork, has white fat, is highly water-retaining, contains a lot of vitamin E, is soft, and does not drip easily.


Selling points of Ajibuta:
- No pork odour both on the meat & the fat
- Smooth, sweet and creamy taste on the fat
- Higher moisture contained inside the meat




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