Miyazakigyu Chuck Roll "ROSU" / Dice Cut (300g) / JPN / Wagyu A5 / BMS10+

Miyazakigyu Chuck Roll "ROSU" / Dice Cut (300g) / JPN / Wagyu A5 / BMS10+

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宮崎牛 特上肩ロース サイコロカット300g 日本産(和牛/A5/BMS10+)

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$68.70 (300g)

Tender cut with just-nice beefy flavour which is a bit lighter than Ribeye. The cut is actually taken from the entire big whole muscle which is connected from the neck right next to the ribs until the sixth rib where the ribeye is connected. It's in the same league of tenderness as the ribeye having the great marbling too. Recommended cooking medium rare to medium, best dishes are steak, barbeque smoked, sous vide, sukiyaki, shabu shabu and yakiniku.


Vacuumed in plastic bag with plastic tray.

1.  Original Wagyu from Miyazaki
• Outstanding meat quality, nominated "Japan's Number One Beef" in "Wagyu Olympics".

2. 100% Quality Meat Selected
• Only meat graded 4 and above by the Japan Meat Grading Association can be called Miyazaki beef.

3. Characteristics of Miyazaki Beef
• Great marbling, evenly distributed of fats and tender texture.

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