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Washugyu Inside Skirt "UCHIHARAMI" / Steak portioned (300g) / US / ALL NATURAL / Wagyu

Washugyu Inside Skirt "UCHIHARAMI" / Steak portioned (300g) / US / ALL NATURAL / Wagyu

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和州牛 特上ウチハラミ ステーキカット 300g アメリカ産(オールナチュラル・和牛))

ELP (Everyday Low Price)

$39.00 (300g)

 Vaccumed in plastic bag.

1. Significantly marbled, tasty and flavorful
You will be surprised by its harmony of highly marbled and tender meat of Japanese wagyu, combined with the red meat’s umami (pleasant savory taste) of U.S prime black angus!

2. 100% Natural
The cattle are treated without any hormone or antibiotics. Certified by USDA as all natural beef!

3. Ribeye has a beautiful marbling and a fine texture with juicier flavor. The fat on this cut is very rich and aromatic.

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