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ANZU MEAT FACTORY SG is run by ATOM FOOD INTERNATIONAL (SG) PTE. LTD, a professional meat supplier in Singapore. As a brother company of the well-known Japanese Tonkatsu restaurant Ginza ANZU, we wholesale here high-quality meat professionally selected and imported from all over the world, mainly North America and Japan. Not only for Ginza ANZU, we are also the trusted meat wholesaler of many other F&B partners.

Our core value is VALUE FOR MONEY

As a professional meat supplier, we promise to provide the most high-quality, yet the most affordable meat products in the industry.

We have been the expert of meat business in Japan, Singapore and other countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand and U.S. for decades. We also run a ranch in the United States feeding our own brand cattle. So we are passionate of using only the finest, professionally selected materials.

We prepare various line-ups of products for you to choose from. Hoping to enrich your life with our finest, VALUE FOR MONEY meats, we pack each of your item with all our hearts.

Commitment to frozen meat as FACTORY-DIRECT MEAT SHOP

 Characteristics of frozen meat from Anzu Meat Factory SG
Anzu Meat Factory SG の冷凍⾁の特徴

1.Fresh / 新鮮

All the meat for you from Anzu Meat Factory SG is kept fresh in the country of origin or in Singapore by freezing and storing in a large-scale freezing warehouse where the temperature is constantly controlled to -18 degrees Celsius or lower.

Anzu Meat Factory SGのお⾁は全て、原産国またはシンガポール国内にて新鮮な状態のまま、常時マイナス18度以下に温度管理された⼤型冷凍倉庫にて凍結・保管されています。
2. Subdivision freezing / ⼩分け冷凍

All the meat for you from Anzu Meat Factory SG is frozen in consideration of the time when it is cooked, divided into individual pieces of one piece or 200g / 500g and the portion to be used at one time. By doing so, the freezing time and thawing time can be shortened.

Anzu Meat Factory SGのお⾁は全て、調理する時のことを考えて、1ピースの個包装や200g/500gと1回に使う分量に分けて冷凍しております。そうすることで、冷凍時間も解凍時間も短くすることができます。
3.Quick freezing / 急速冷凍

All the meat for you from Anzu Meat Factory SG is quick frozen. If freezing takes a long time, the meat cells will be broken and easily damaged, and when thawing, umami and nutrient-containing drip will come out and spoil the taste. We eliminate such troubles by quick freezing

Anzu Meat Factory SGのお⾁は全て、急速冷凍です。冷凍に時間がかかると細胞が壊れて傷みやすくなり、解凍する時にうまみや栄養分を含んだドリップが出ておいしさが損なわれます。急速冷凍することでそうしたトラブルを排除しております。
4.Vacuum packaging / 真空包装

All the meat for you from Anzu Meat Factory SG is vacuum packed. The fats and oils contained in meat oxidize when exposed to air for long time and are easily damaged. Vacuum packaging minimizes air contact and keeps your meat fresh.

Anzu Meat Factory SGのお⾁は全て、真空包装です。⾁に含まれる油脂は⻑い間空気に触れると酸化し、傷みやすくなります。真空包装にすることで空気との接触を最⼩限にしてお⾁の新鮮さを保ちます。
5.Ready-to-cook / 下ごしらえ済み

All the meat for you from Anzu Meat Factory SG has been prepared just nice as Ready-to-cook. Whether you are a single person or a family, we have processed and seasoned your meat to suit various cooking scenes, considering when you cook it at home.

Anzu Meat Factory SGのお⾁は全て、下ごしらえ済みです。お⼀⼈でもご家族でも、お客様がご家庭で調理される際のことを考えて、様々な調理シーンに合うよう、お⾁に対して加⼯や調味を施しております。

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Address : 5 Buroh Lane #03-2B3 SEJ Food Hub Singapore 618289